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    NX-Ready™ Innovative Technology  


    Try nx-ready™ rechargeable batteries in your equipment! 



    The nx-ready™ rechargeable battery combines the advantages of a traditional alkaline battery with those of a standard rechargeable.  Our nx-ready™ product uses NiMH technology which coupled with a low internal resistance minimises the self-discharge of the battery. The nx-ready™ rechargeable battery remains at 80% of its capacity after 1 month of storage.

    Traditional rechargeable batteries discharge quickly even when not in use. It is therefore imperative that they are charged several hours before use making unforeseen use of equipment impossible. Adding to this, traditional rechargeable batteries do not have sufficient power for use in all applications, especially high energy demanding equipment. 



    Beneficial for the consumer and the environment



    nx-ready™ rechargeable batteries save you money :

    - equivalent to 1000 alkaline batteries

    - rechargeable approximately 1000 times

    1 accu équivaut à 1000 piles


    nx-ready™ rechargable batteries save you time :

    - ready to use straight from the blister pack : nx-ready™ rechargeable batteries are pre-charged

    - low self-discharge : nx-ready™ rechargeable batteries remain at 80% of their capacity after 1 month of storage enabling immediate use : after 1 month nx-ready™ batteries store more power than any other high capacity rechargeable battery known on the market.



    NX-ready™ rechargeable batteries for use in all conditions :

    - perform in a large temperature range : -20° to +55°C

    - they can be used with any type of rechargeable battery charger

    - low memory effect: nx-ready™ rechargeable batteries charge completely regardless of the number of charge cycles already carried out

    - instantaneous power superior to standard alkaline batteries : possible for use in all types of equipment : torches, remote controls, multimedia and MP3, cameras…

    plage de température


    NX-ready™ rechargeable batteries : friendlier to the environment


    - 75 % of rechargeable batteries can be recycled, compared to 60 % of alkaline batteries

    - only 1 alkaline battery out of 4 is recycled = more than 40 million alkaline batteries are disposed of around the world each year



    Discover the nx-ready™ range:

    accu nx-ready R3
    accu nx-ready R6
    accu nx-ready R16
    accu nx-ready R20
    accu nx-ready 9V

    AAA / R3 / HR3

    C / R16 / HR16
    D / R20 / HR20
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