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    Lithium iron phosphate battery NX LiFePO4 POWER UN38.3 (832Wh) 12V 65Ah M8-F

    Ref. : AML9141
    • Brand : NX
    • Technology : Lithium Iron Phosphate
    • Voltage : 12V
    • Minimum capacity : 65Ah
    • Dimensions : 262mm (L) x 167mm (W) x 212mm (H)
    • Application : Cyclic - Motive Power
    • Terminals : M8-F (M8 Female)
    • Cycle life : 3000 cycles max. (at 80% DOD)
    • Applications : Electric Vehicles, Alarm, Security, Medical, Solar
    UN38.3 Certified 12V LiFePO4 Battery

    LiFePO4 battery in plastic casing:
    - Technology: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
    - ... Learn More

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    Product Description

    UN38.3 Certified 12V LiFePO4 Battery

    LiFePO4 battery in plastic casing:
    - Technology: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
    - Max. charging current: 65A
    - Continuous discharge current: 80A
    - Max. continuous discharge current (<3S): 100A
    - Terminal: M8-F (M8 insert)

    LiFePO4 technology differs from lead acid technology, but is perfectly compatible with your device. This battery can therefore be easily installed and does not require any modifications on your behalf. What's more, this LiFePO4 battery can be charged with you current lead acid battery charger.

    This 12V lithium iron phosphate battery is equipped with a BMS (Battery Management System) which protects the battery against short circuits, overcharge and deep discharge. The BMS also balances cells to increase battery life, improve performance and protect against mishandling.

    LiFePO4 vs. Lead Acid
    LiFePO4 offers many advantages over lead acid in terms of reliability, safety, cleanliness, efficiency =
    - 70% lighter than standard lead acid batteries
    - Very low self-discharge
    - Longer life expectancy: 4 - 5 times longer life than lead acid (2000 cycles for LiFePO4 vs. 500 cycles max. for lead acid)
    - Safer: No leaks possible as LiFePO4 batteries do not contain electrolyte. No risk of explosion or combustion following shocks, short circuits or overheating
    - Better for the environment: LiFePO4 batteries are Lead, Cadmium and Mercury-free
    - Large range of operating temperatures: -20°C to +60°C
    - Performance: twice as efficient as lead acid, even with high charge / discharge currents

    IMPORTANT: This LiFePO4 battery is UN38.3 certified and conforms to IATA regulations.

    LiFePO4 technology is now used for a variety of applications:
    - Electric vehicles (Golf carts)
    - Solar (Storage battery)
    - UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
    - Telecommunications
    - Medical equipment (Wheelchair battery)
    - Lighting

    Additional Information

    Item code AML9141
    Quantity Unit
    EAN Code 3660766530677
    Dimensions 262mm (L) x 167mm (W) x 212mm (H)
    Volume 0,001m³
    Weight 9,2 KG
    Brand NX
    Guarantee 6 months
    Voltage 12V
    Minimum capacity 65Ah
    Usual Name NX LiFePO4 POWER UN38.3 (832Wh)
    Output M8-F
    Technology Lithium Iron Phosphate
    Datasheet 1 Download technical specifications

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