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    How to choose a motorcycle battery

    Advice for choosing a motorcycle battery

    biker wondering what is the best motorcycle battery

    A motorcycle battery powers your bike’s electronic equipment. The battery releases a surge of energy when your motorcycle starts then recharges as you drive.

    How you intend to use your motorcycle, weather conditions and battery technology are all factors you should consider before buying a motorcycle battery. In order to choose the right battery for your motorcycle, the following factors should be taken into account:

    • Battery size: check the dimensions of your current motorcycle battery or the space available in your bike. The dimensions must be the same, otherwise the new battery might not fit.
    • Polarity: check the polarity of your old motorcycle battery to avoid finding yourself with a complicated connection problem or cables that are too short to connect to your bike.
    • Starting power (CCA): The CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) allows you to determine the starting power of your battery. The CCA indicates the number of amperes a battery can deliver over a 30 second period. The higher the CCA, the easier it is for the battery to start your motor. In order to work out the CCA needed to start your motorcycle, compare the CCA values and not the Ah capacity of the battery.
    • Battery technology: Factory activated AGM, Lithium and GEL, these motorcycle batteries all have different advantages and require different levels of maintenance (please see below).

    Motorcycle Battery Technology 

    Factory-Activated AGM Motorcycle Batteries (Maintenance Free)

    Factory-Activated AGM batteries

    The pre-filled, factory-activated AGM battery offers excellent performance, reliability and long life.

    Factory-activated AGM batteries do not require filling before installation and are completely maintenance free. This sealed AGM battery is leak-proof and spill-proof up to a 90° angle. Its high-tech design provides excellent resistance to vibration and extreme weather conditions.

    The factory-activated AGM battery is ideal for motorcycles, scooters and motorsports vehicles affected by strong vibrations such as quads and snowmobiles.

    Examples of factory-activated, ready-to-use AGM batteries: YTZ12S, YTZ14S.

    Advantages of Factory-Activated AGM Motorcycle Batteries

    • Pre-filled and ready to use
    • 100% maintenance free battery: no filling required
    • Leak-proof and spill-proof (up to a 90° angle)
    • Optimal starting power (high CCA)
    • Ideal for extreme weather conditions
    • Excellent resistance to vibration thanks to the heavy-duty battery container
    • Cheaper than gel batteries and superior starting power
    Choose a factory-activated maintenance-free AGM battery from our wide range of motorcycle batteries.

    Gel Motorcycle Batteries (Maintenance Free)

    Batterie moto gel

    Gel motorcycle batteries are maintenance free and offer excellent vibration resistance, yet their starting power is inferior to that of AGM batteries.

    Gel motorcycle batteries are a type of "maintenance free battery" as they do not required electrolyte filling before or after installation. Gel motorcycle batteries are 100% leak- and spill-proof thanks to their gel design and are also highly resistant to strongh vibrations and harsh climate conditions.

    Gel batteries are ideals for top-of-the-range motorcycles and scooters equipped with power-hungry electronic equipment. Their high resistance to strong vibrations also make gel batteries perfect for sports vehicles such as quads, jet-skis and snowmobiles.


    A few examples of gel motorcycle batteries: YTX20L-BS, YTX14-BS.

    Advantages of Gel Motorcycle Batteries

    • Battery delivered pre-charged and ready to use
    • Maintenance-free, no acid filling required
    • 100% spill- and leak-proof
    • Excellent resistance to vibration thanks to the heavy-duty container and internal security
    • Suitable for seasonal use, low self-discharge
    • Supports deep discharges, can be stored for several months with no effect on battery life
    Choose a Gel motorcycle battery from our wide range of motorcycle batteries.

    Pure Lead Motorcycle Batteries (Maintenance Free)

    batterie plomb pur

    Pure lead motorcycle batteries offer exceptional performance, reliability and extra long life..

    Pure lead batteries are maintenance free, meaning they do not require acid filling. 100% spill- and leak-proof, the high-tech design of pure lead motorcycle batteries (extremely fine plates made from 99% pure lead) provides extraordinary starting power, a high number of cycles and deep discharge.

    This combination of power and extreme performance makes pure lead batteries ideal for top-of-the-range motorcycles and scooters laden with power-hungry electronic equipment as well as sports vehicles like quads, jet skis and snowmobiles.

    Pure lead batteries are top-of-the-range, premium quality motorcycle batteries ddesigned for extreme requirements.

    A few examples of pure lead motorcycle batteries: Odyssey PC680, PC925.

    Advantages of pure lead motorcycle batteries

    • Battery delivered pre-charged and ready to use
    • Maintenance-free, no acid filling required
    • 100% spill- and leak-proof
    • Extreme starting power (high CCA): 2-3 times the starting power of a conventional lead acid battery!
    • Ideal for extreme temperatures
    • Excellent resistance to vibration thanks to the heavy-duty container and internal connection
    • Suitable for seasonal use, low self-discharge
    • Supports deep discharges, can be stored for several months with no effect on battery life
    • Designed to last up to 3 times longer than conventional/wet motorcycle batteries
    Choose a Pure Lead battery from our wide range ofmotorcycle batteries.

    Lithium Iron Phosphate – LiFePO4 Motorcycle Batteries (Polymer Cells)


    Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePO4 Battery UK

    LiFePO4 technology surpasses lead acid technology in all areas: reliability, performance and safety. What’s more, your motorcycle won’t need to be modified in order to be compatible with lithium batteries - you can even use your old lead-acid battery charger (if ti doesn't have a desulfator).

    Ready to use and maintenance free, lithium iron phosphate batteries are lighter and more powerful!

    • Ultra-lightweight: 3 times lighter than conventional lead-acid batteries
    • Long-life: lasts up to 6 times longer than a conventional lead-acid battery
    • Maintenance free: no filling required
    • 100% leak-proof: battery can be installed in any position (even upside down)
    • Extremely low self-discharge: barely any self-discharge, even over long storage periods (voltage should be checked every 3 months).
    • Quick charge: charges up to 2.5 times faster than a standard lead acid battery (C5 for lead acid and C2 for LiFePo4)
    • No need to purchase a LiFePO4 charger! You can use your old lead battery charger (unless it has a desulfator)
    Choose a LiFePO4 battery from our wide range of motorcycle batteries..

    Lithium Iron Phosphate – LiFePO4 Motorcycle Batteries (Cylindrical Cells)


    LiFePO4 battery

    The advantages are the same as those of the polymer LiFePO4 battery, however, this type of battery has a few extras:

    • Increased safety
      • No swelling near end of life, unlike polymer cells
      • Security measures against overpressure within cells
    • Improved performance: This type of LiFePO4 battery is equipped with protection against short circuit currents (BMS), which protects the battery from short circuits, overloads and deep discharge. The BMS also balances cells in order to guarantee longer battery life.
    • Convenient: The battery’s Plug ‘n’ Play (Anderson) connector allows you to connect and disconnect your battery to and from your motorcycle, making maintenance and charging much more convenient.

    How to connect a LiFePO4 battery (cylindrical cells) to a motorcycle

    1. Connect the red cable to the red terminal (+) of your motorcycle using the screws and nuts provided. Remember to put the heat shrink tubing on first in order to secure and protect the connection.
    2. Repeat for the black cable and the black terminal (-) of your motorcycle.
    3. Remove the heat shrink tubing using a hair dryer or lighter.
    4. Connect the male Anderson connector to the female Anderson plug of your battery.
    5. Your battery is now ready to use.

    How to secure your LiFePO4 motorcycle battery (cylindrical cells)

    Cylindrical-cell lithium motorcycle batteries are smaller than standard lead-acid batteries, which means you will have to secure the battery correctly in order to limit shock damage. There are several possibilities for securing your motorcycle battery: attach it with cable ties, wedge it between foam plates or use double-sided Velcro strips.

    Choose a lithium iron phosphate battery from our wide selection of motorcycle batteries.

    Motorcycle battery comparison chart

    motorcycle battery comparison chart

    *During cold spells, we recommend you warm your battery up by starting your motorcycle with several small revs ( < 2 seconds) rather than one long rev.


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