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    Eco Packaging

    In September 2006 our French warehouse received confirmation of our adherence to Eco-Emballage (a government approved recycling watchdog), which encourages us to develop lighter and more easily recyclable packaging, with the least possible impact on the environment.


    From 1 January 1993 all companies packaging, importing and marketing packaged products which are sold to households are compelled to make improvements to their packaging. In order to comply with this obligation, we are one of nearly 47,000 companies which have signed up with Eco-Emballage and Adelphe and we are therefore are allowed to print the "green dot" on our packaging.




    We are able to offer you a choice of economical and environmentally friendly products:

    - LED Lights: less energy consumption as well as competitively priced

    - Solar products: products that protect our planet and use an endless source of energy

    - Rechargeable batteries: a complete range of chargers and rechargeable batteries are both economical and less polluting

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