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    Crane remote control battery 3.6V 2200mAh

    Ref. : AMH0611
    • Brand : NX
    • Technology : Nickel Metal Hydride
    • Voltage : 3,6V
    • Minimum capacity : 2200mAh
    • Dimensions : 59,9mm (L) x 54,8mm (W) x 18,8mm (H)

    Compatible Potain/Hetronic Battery

    Give your Potain/Hetronic remote control a ... Learn More

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    £29.00 (Inc. VAT) £24.17 (Ex. VAT)

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    Product Description

    Compatible Potain/Hetronic Battery

    Give your Potain/Hetronic remote control a new lease of life with this high quality replacement battery. This replacement battery has been carefully designed to meet the specifications of your Potain/Hetronic crane remote control (voltage, dimensions & technology) and offers the same performance as your original battery.

    The high quality components used for this replacement crane remote control battery guarantee protection against overload and overheating. It complies in every particular with the original manufacturer's regulations and is guaranteed against all manufacturing defects.

    This replacement battery can be safely charged with your current charger.

    Compatible with a wide range of Potain and Hetronic crane remote controls including the Hetronic 6830099. Please check the full list of compatible models or contact our customer service team for more information.

    Directions for use:
    When charging NiMH batteries for the first time, please charge the battery for longer than necessary (approximately 2 to 4 hours for a fast charger and 14 to 16 hours for a slow charger). Never leave a nickel-based battery charging for several days.

    Charge your battery as soon as your equipment indicates "low battery". If batteries are not subjected to deep cycles of charging and discharging, the memory effect of nickel-based batteries will cause a considerable reduction in battery life and shorten overall life. Do not interrupt charge cycles.

    Storage Advice:
    Keep batteries in a cool, dry place. The recommended storage temperature range is -20°C to 30°C and the recommended storage humidity is 65 ± 20%. Storing batteries outside of these specified ranges may cause leakage and rust caused by cell expansion and contraction. Avoid dust accumulation during storage, especially in the connector area.

    This battery has been manufactured with high quality components. It conforms with the exact specification of the original manufacturer and the battery is guaranteed against all manufacturing defects.
    For all batteries a margin of 0.1V difference in the voltage is safe. If the capacity (Ah) of the battery is higher than the capacity of the original battery it will enable a longer life expectancy.
    As part of our ISO 9001 quality procedure, quality control tests are frequently carried out on all our products.

    Additional Information

    Item code AMH0611
    Quantity Battery
    EAN Code 3660766447357
    Dimensions 59,9mm (L) x 54,8mm (W) x 18,8mm (H)
    Weight 115 Gr
    Brand NX
    Guarantee 12 months
    Voltage 3,6V
    Minimum capacity 2200mAh
    Technology Nickel Metal Hydride
    Datasheet 1 Download technical specifications

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