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    Starter battery P-Start 90-680/0 12V 90Ah +D

    Ref. : BPA9065
    • Brand : NX
    • Technology : Open Lead
    • Voltage : 12V
    • Minimum capacity : 90Ah
    • Dimensions : 306mm x 173mm x 222mm
    Battery for 4x4s
    CCA: 680A
    Polarity: + on the right

    Plate technology: Laminated rolled metal
    Lead alloy/Calcium/Tin...

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    Product Description

    Battery for 4x4s
    CCA: 680A
    Polarity: + on the right

    Plate technology: Laminated rolled metal
    Lead alloy/Calcium/Tin
    Cover complete with central degassing system and "labyrinth" plugs.
    Ergonomic handle

    - High CCA and low self discharge
    - Adapted for starting vehicles in extreme cold or heat
    - Resistant to vibrations, increased storage possibility
    - Easy to transport and handle
    - Qualitative aspect. Top of the range

    - NX POWER START batteries are recommended for all kinds of vehicles because they comply with the manufacturers' specifications.
    - Benefit from FULMEN/EXIDE's knowledge and manufacturing quality
    - Built in OE approved factories
    - A wide range of suitable batteries covering 90% of the cars in circulation
    - Maintenance free batteries (no caps)

    This type of battery is used to start equipment/machinery (e.g. vehicles, trucks, generators). The electrolyte in these batteries is liquid and this allows for a fast exchange of the ions between the electrode plates allowing high discharge rates to be supported.

    It is imperative that you follow these instructions before using:

    1 - Remove the safety tape labelled WARNING
    2- Remove one of the lateral plugs situated beneath the safety tape. The position of these is indicated on the "WARNING" label. These plugs prevent the acid from spilling in transit. For safety reasons, it is essential to remove one of the plugs in order to leave one of the holes free before using your battery for the first time. To remove the plug, (it is not possible to remove it with your bare hands), you can insert a flat screwdriver or a pointed or sharp-edged tool between the edge of the plug and the battery casing and use it as a lever to pry the plug out of the hole.

    It is important to recharge the battery upon receipt before using it in order to optimise its performance. Our products are stored in our warehouse which is equipped with a charging/testing facility to guarantee you optimum quality.
    As part of our ISO 9001 quality procedure, quality control tests are frequently carried out on all our products.

    Additional Information

    Item code BPA9065
    Quantity Battery
    EAN Code 3660766486516
    Dimensions 306mm x 173mm x 222mm
    Volume 0,014m³
    Weight 21,1 KG
    Brand NX
    Guarantee 2 years
    Voltage 12V
    Minimum capacity 90Ah
    Usual Name P-Start 90-680/0
    Output +D
    Technology Open Lead
    Datasheet 1 Download technical specifications

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