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    Customised and industry-specific products


    AllBatteries aims to offer a battery for every requirement: "If the product doesn't exist, we will make it for you".


    We have a skilled technical team and several manufacturing plants based in England, France, Tunisia and China. Our main focus is portable energy for maintenance technicians and engineers working in hospitals, on alarm systems, lifts, security systems, automated machines and more. Through our website, we can share our industry know-how of design and manufacturing for big companies and small businesses as well as sole traders and private individuals. We have a representative for each profession available to give you advice and suggest the best product suited to your needs.



    - Lithium-ion batteries

    Are you looking for an additional power source? Do you want it to be lightweight? Choose from our range of Li-ion batteries according to the voltage and battery life you require. By replacing obsolete and irreparable internal batteries with an external battery, it enables you to fit an external power source to your device to make it 'stand-alone' or to extend the use of devices which have reached the end of their life.



    - Health Professions

    **Medical batteries

    AllBatteries attends the AAMB (association of medical technicians) conference each year to keep up to date with issues met by technicians looking after medical equipment in hospitals and health centres.

    All of our medical batteries comply with European legislation and are listed according to the make and model.

    Our medical catalogue features some of the industries leading brands which include, Abbott, Alaris, Arcomed, Baxter Colin, Braun Datex, Brucker Odam Schiller, Critikon, Datascope, Dräger, Fresenius, Heine, Hellige Marquette, Philips, Honeywell, Kangaroo, Keller, Kontron Roche, Laerdal, Minolta Vickers, Nellcor Spacelabe Tyco, Nihon Kohden, Novacor, Physiocontrol Medtronic, Siemens, Stryker, Welch Allyn, Zoll Medical...

    **Batteries for emergency lighting in operating theatres 


    **Batteries for wheelchairs and hoists

    We have a variety of batteries readily available for wheelchair use as well as a range of batteries for hoists comprising of brands such as Arjo, Liko, Molift, Phoenix and Seca...

    **Batteries for medical equipment

    We list batteries for each piece of equipment: EL91 for insulin pumps, LR06 for emergency call buttons...

    **Lights for keeping watch at night


    - The Fire Service and Police

    **Products to assist communication and the relaying of information among fire and rescue services and police forces

    - Batteries for EADS, Alcatel and Sysoco (Simoco) makes of handheld radio transceivers (2 way radios), used for the emergency services, universal communications channel (Antares) and the police universal communications channel (Acropol), which run on Tetrapole digital technology.

    - Lead batteries for telephone switchboards, inverters, power supplies, radar guns, speed cameras, OPZV batteries - for when called out to an incident.

    - Konstant batteries to power the Triflash Nissen system of three road signs lit up simultaneously and 4R25 Ecoli alkaline batteries or 4R25 Ecoli saline batteries for other Triflash systems.

    **The Fire and Rescue Service

    - Broad range of batteries for Bip and Holter safety equipment.

    - Specialist lights for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (Atex) and light bulbs for F1 and F2 type helmets with accessories such as brackets, covers and belt clips.

    **The Police

    - Batteries for Ultralight binoculars (made by Mercura).

    - Saft lithium batteries for multiple uses.

    - Full range of lighting products with Maglite-type accessories, rechargeable or non-rechargeable ("Tracker range").

    We have a specialist available in this area to answer all your questions on coverings, wires, switches, weatherproofing, regulating temperature, trajectory of the beam etc. 



    - Maintenance Professions


    - Batteries for cordless drills, screw guns and power drills


    - Area lighting, torches and portable LED lamps





    ** Specific batteries

    - Lithium batteries for Testo temperature monitors

    - Alkaline batteries for heat detectors, smoke detectors (carbon monoxide), thermostats, remote controls...

    - LR08, A23 and GP23 batteries

    - Back up batteries for automated machines made by NUM, Telemecanique, April, Siemens, GE, Fanuc, Omron, Allen Bradley and Mitsubishi

    - NX FR and Yuasa NP watertight lead batteries for use in fire alarms and to produce a steady voltage output and maintain an uninterrupted power supply.

    - Car batteries


    - Alarm batteries

    We have a full range of batteries for Daitem and Logisty equipment as well as batteries for security alarm systems by Daitem, Honeywell, Aritech, PSI and Logisty...


    - Batteries for measuring devices and instruments

    Our batteries are suitable for the following products: reflectometers, data loggers, cable scanners, scales and regulators.

    Fluke, Recif, Rhode & Schwartz, Soule Bardin and Uranuc makes of equipment can be found in our catalogue.



    - Batteries for automatic doors

    Batteries are available for Dorma, Vercor, Record, Kone, Portalp and Besam makes of automatic doors.



    - Remote control batteries for overhead cranes (from Jay Electronique)



    - Remote control batteries for cranes

    The HBC Scanreco and Hetronic makes of remote controls for cranes can be found in our catalogue.  



    - Batteries for payment terminals

    We can supply batteries for the brands Ascom, CKD, Ingenico, Moneyline and Sagem.



    - Batteries for security and safety lighting

    Our range covers the leading makes such as URA, Legrand, ATX, Kautel, Luminox, Zemper and Etap.


    - Batteries for hunting and fishing

    Batteries for dog collars are available for the makes Petsafe, Electronic Collar, Sportdog, Innotek and Num Axes.


    We can replace the battery for your Echofish, Grauvell, Lineaeffe or Smartcast fishing apparatus.


    - Batteries for hedge trimmers

    Cut your hedge effectively by replacing your trimmer's battery - we supply batteries for the Pellenc 2000, AP25, Felco and Infra Electrocoup models.

    Can't find the battery for the range of products or equipment you are looking for? Contact us and we'll make your battery for you.

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