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    Motorcycle battery YUASA YTX9-BS 12V 8Ah

    Ref. : MOT9202
    • Brand : Yuasa
    • Technology : Open Lead
    • Voltage : 12V
    • Minimum capacity : 8Ah
    • Dimensions : 150mm x 87mm x 105mm
    Maintenance free battery. Acid supplied with battery.
    VRLA batteries (Valve regulated lead acid) are ideal for people who have better things ...

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    Product Description

    Maintenance free battery. Acid supplied with battery.
    VRLA batteries (Valve regulated lead acid) are ideal for people who have better things to do than battery maintenance. Our permanently sealed VRLA battery never needs to be filled up but it does need to be charged regularly. It is ideal for motorcycles, scooters, quad bikes, ride-on lawnmowers and watercraft.
    - Its anti-leakage design means that it is practically impossible for it to leak
    - Its advanced Lead-calcium technology stimulates starting power
    - Sulfation delay considerably reduces the sulfation of the plates which destroys the battery
    - Durable - Yuasa high performance maintenance-free batteries will last up to 3 times longer than standard batteries
    - Their exceptional resistance to vibrations makes Yuasa batteries the most reliable on the market
    - VRLA batteries maintain their voltage longer and need to be charged less frequently when in storage.
    Capacity at C10: 8Ah
    Acid volume: 0.40L
    Terminal model: 12
    Polarity: negative terminal on the right
    Advantages of YTX batteries (maintenance free):
    - Maintenance free - no need to refill
    - Anti-leak and anti-spill once filled and can be tilted up to 45°
    - Excellent vibration resistance
    - Optimum starting power

    This battery is for use in small engine cars, standard motorbikes, quad bikes etc.
    Before using your battery for the first time, you must charge it for at least one hour with an independant charger or drive at least 30km once installed.
    In order to get the most of your open lead battery, it is important to follow those instructions:
    1/ Filling (acid is supplied free of charge with your battery)
    2/ Degassing for 45min to 1h (allow the battery to rest)
    3/ Charge your battery for at least 1h
    4/ Replacing the caps
    Our products are stored in our warehouse which is equipped with a charging room to guarantee optimum quality.
    We are ISO 9001 accredited which means that all of our products are regularly checked and tested.

    Additional Information

    Item code MOT9202
    Quantity Battery
    EAN Code 5050694004483
    Dimensions 150mm x 87mm x 105mm
    Volume 1370,25cm³
    Weight 3 KG
    Brand Yuasa
    Guarantee 6 months
    Voltage 12V
    Minimum capacity 8Ah
    Usual Name YUASA YTX9-BS
    Technology Open Lead

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