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    Lithium iron phosphate battery UN38.3 (230.4Wh) 12V 18Ah T3 - AML9134

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    Lithium iron phosphate battery UN38.3 (230.4Wh) 12V 18Ah T3

    Ref. : AML9134
    • Brand : NX
    • Technology : Lithium Iron Phosphate
    • Voltage : 12V
    • Minimum capacity : 18Ah
    • Dimensions : 181mm x 77mm x 167mm
    Lead type battery in plastic case
    -Technology: Lithium Iron Phosphate
    -Continuous discharge current: 36A
    -Max discharge current: ...

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    Product Description

    Lead type battery in plastic case
    -Technology: Lithium Iron Phosphate
    -Continuous discharge current: 36A
    -Max discharge current: 50A
    -T3 connector (flat M6 terminal)

    The technology of this battery differs to that of your original battery (lead acid battery) but it is completely compatible with your device. It can therefore be installed without needing any further modifications. Your original battery charger which was designed for use with lead acid batteries will also be 100% compatible with this new lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery.
    This battery is equipped with a BMS protection circuit which protects the battery from short circuits, overcharge and deep discharge. This BMS also balances the cells to guarantee better battery life.
    Technically, LiFePO4 technology surpasses lead acid technology on all points: reliability, safety, cleanliness and performance.
    - Only ½ the weight of your original lead acid battery.
    - Theoretical life which is 4 - 5 times longer than lead acid batteries (2000 cycles in comparison with 500 cycles max for lead acid).
    - Safer: leakage is impossible as there is no acid in the battery. No risk of explosion or combustion after being dropped or bumped, or after short circuiting or overheating.
    - Greener: No lead, cadmium or mercury.
    - Performance: Twice as efficient as a lead acid battery even at high discharge.
    IMPORTANT: this pack is UN38.3 certified. It conforms to IATA regulations.

    Based on Lithium-ion technology, Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) has numerous advantages over Lithium-ion and Lead:
    · Safety - the battery will not combust in the event of overcharging
    · Over 2000 discharge cycles, compared to 300 cycles with a lead acid battery
    · Very low level of self-discharge
    · Can be used in all orientations
    · Fast recharge - charges to 90% of its full load capacity in 15 minutes
    · Thermal stability of LiFePO4 ranges up to 70°C.
    This technology is now being used on multiple applications such as hybrid vehicles, electric bicycles, golf carts, wheel chairs etc.

    Additional Information

    Item code AML9134
    Quantity Unit
    EAN Code 3660766447845
    Dimensions 181mm x 77mm x 167mm
    Volume 0,001m³
    Weight 2,7 KG
    Brand NX
    Guarantee 6 months
    Voltage 12V
    Minimum capacity 18Ah
    Usual Name UN38.3 (230.4Wh)
    Output T3
    Technology Lithium Iron Phosphate
    Datasheet 1 Download technical specifications

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