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    Lithium Iron Phosphate

    Lithium iron phosphate technology (LiFePO4) is based on Lithium-ion technology and this newer technology has numerous advantages over Lithium-ion and Lead.

    • Safety – the LiFePO4 cathode is intrinsically safer than those in other lithium chemistries. As a result, these cells are much more difficult to inflame when mishandled so the battery will not combust in the event of overcharging.

    • Over 2000 discharge cycles, compared to 300 cycles with a lead acid battery.

    • Very low level of self-discharge.

    • Can be used in all orientations.

    • Spill proof (there is no acid in the batteries).

    • Fast recharge - charges to 90% of its full load capacity in 15 minutes.

    • LiFEPO4 batteries also have greater chemical and thermal stability. Thermal stability ranges up to 70°C.

    • Lightweight chemistry with higher capacities.

    This technology is now being used on multiple applications such as hybrid vehicles, electric bicycles, golf carts, wheel chairs etc.

    We offer a full range of Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries to meet your requirements. Browse our Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries here.

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