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    Our leisure batteries range

    Browse our range of batteries for your leisure activities


    Marine battery

    Batteries for all types of boats: dinghies, sailboats and yachts. Updated selection of starter and house batteries. We carry batteries manufactured by Exide, one of the best European brands out there along with compatible batteries of excellent quality.

    Golf battery

    As specialists in the distribution of golf trolley batteries, offers you optimized and high quality batteries for all types of trolley. You can choose between AGM, Gel and Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. Shop now!

    Jet ski battery

    High quality Jet Ski batteries available to help keep you afloat! We have a range of brands including trusted names like Yuasa and different types of batteries such as Open Lead, AGM and Lithium. Check out our range of Jet Ski batteries now!

    Model car / plane battery

    Our model toy batteries are just what you need to keep your RC cars and planes going. We carry different technologies such as NiCd, NiMH and LiPO batteries. Shop our Model car/plane batteries now!


    Toy battery

    Our selection of sealed lead acid batteries offers great value for money. We have the right battery for your toy cars, trains, motorbikes, 4x4s etc to keep them running smoothly. Shop our toy batteries now!

    Hoverboard / segway charger

    New at AllBatteries! Check out our new range of chargers for hoverboards and Segways. You can find the charger you need by selecting the brand and the model of your product. Shop now!


    Drone battery

    Check out the new range of drone batteries available at AllBatteries! If you need a battery for your drone, our range of Lithium Polymer batteries will power your drone for hours. Shop now!

    Campervan battery

    Let us help you get your campervan ready for long trips or long stays in the great outdoors. We offer a wide range of batteries to power your next adventure. Browse our campervan batteries now.

    Racing car battery

    Do you need maximum strength and durability from your racing car battery? You can get that from one of our Pure Lead batteries! We work with top brands like Optima or Hawker because your battery should be the least of your concerns!

    Electric bike battery

    Electric bike batteries for you E-Bike and Pedelec. You can rely on our products to help you enjoy a worry-free ride while you take in the scenery. Check out our range now.

    Quad bike battery

    High quality Quad bike batteries available for all you quad bike enthusiasts! We have a great range of brands and prices to choose from. Check out our range of Quad Bike batteries now!

    Electric scooter battery

    We offer a great choice of Electric Scooter batteries for different brands and models. Check out our range of batteries for Electric Scooters now.

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