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    Tips for Choosing A Lead Acid Battery Charger

    Looking for some help choosing your lead acid battery charger? Read on below for some useful tips to help you choose the right charger for you.

    How to choose your lead acid charger?
    - The charger's nominal voltage must be the same as the battery's nominal voltage. 
    - For a fully discharged battery, it is necessary to replace 120% of the battery's capacity. To calculate the charging time, the following formula can be used: Battery capacity + 20% divided by the charger's current.  For example, if you have a 12V 24Ah battery (24Ah + 20%=30Ah) and a 12V 6A charger, your battery will be 100% charged within 5 hours (30 / 6 = 5). It should receive 95% of its charge in the first 4 hours and the last hour would be required to complete the final 5% of the charge.

    Each charger is equipped with an automatic cut off function when the battery is fully charged and a maintenance (floating) function. This function is particularly useful for batteries which are not used during winter, such as golf batteries, marine batteries etc.
    The three stage function optimises the battery's charge in order to improve its lifetime. It works in the following way: Stage 1 - continuous current.

    Stage 2 - continuous voltage to equalize your battery's cells.

    Stage 3 - stand by and maintenance of the battery's charge. 

    Now that you're well informed, you can go ahead and order your charger.

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