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    Enersys manufactures and markets a range of pure lead batteries, which benefit from a high number of cycles, withstanding extreme temperatures, low internal resistance and strong currents.

    Enersys manufacture four main brands: Hawker, Genesis, Odyssey and PowerSafe SBS.
    Among the most popular models we offer the following references:

    Hawker batteries (pure lead Cyclon):
    Pure Lead Cyclon: 0810-0004, 0860-0004, 0800-004, 0850-0004, 0820-0004
    Cyclon Monobloc: 0819-0010, 0809-0010, 0859-0010, 0819-0012, 0809-0012, 0859-0012

    Genesis batteries:

    12V13EP G-, G-12V16EP, 12V26EP G-, G-12V42EP, G-12V70EP

    Odyssey Batteries:
    PC545, PC625, PC680, PC925, PC1200T, PC1500T, PC1700T, PC2150S

    PowerSafe SBS Batteries:

    SBS8, SBS15, SBS30, SBS40, SBS60, SBS110, SBS130, SBS300, SBS390

    These products are used in a wide range of applications.
    Enersys batteries are regularly used in demanding environments: medical, solar, solar parking meters, remote sites...

    AllBatteries also produce custom batteries or connections between cells, including monoblock Cyclon 2V spiral, for applications requiring high currents.

    The products are mainly manufactured by EnerSys USA.

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