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    Choosing the right car battery charger

    At AllBatteries, we know that choosing the right charger can be a tricky process so we have created this guide with a few tips to make the decision a little easier.

    Why buy a car battery charger?

    Like all the other parts of a car, car batteries also need maintenance to keep them in optimum health. Although our car batteries are charged when we drive, it is always a good idea to give these batteries a good charge from time to time to ensure they perform as well as possible and to prolong the life of the battery.

    When selecting a charger, there are a number of factors to consider.

    Why you need a charger: If your vehicle is used infrequently or is only used for short journeys, it is a good idea to purchase a car battery charger to keep your battery functioning and in good health. Smart chargers are a good option for vehicles which are infrequently used as they will have a maintenance charging and conditioning function which will allow you to keep the battery on charge for a longer period of time without damaging the battery.

    Voltage: The battery must be charged at the correct rate. When selecting a charger, the voltage of the charger must be the same as your battery’s voltage. It is okay to charge two 6 volt batteries which are wired in series with a 12 volt charger. This is because the overall voltage of the two batteries will be equal to the voltage of the charger.

    Capacity: It is important to identify the size of the battery you would like to charge. The capacity of your battery will be measured in amp hour ratings (Ah). This information is usually available on the battery’s label.

    Charging current: It is important to select a charger with the right charging current. Some batteries will accept large charging currents but if the current is too large, this could drastically shorten the life of the battery. Please check your battery’s specifications when purchasing your charger to ensure optimum battery life.

    Charging time: The charging time of a car battery is equal to the battery capacity quoted in Ah divided by the charger's rate of charge. For example, if you have a 12V 60Ah battery and a 12V 6A charger, your battery will be charged within 10 hours (60 / 6 = 10). When choosing a car battery charger, it is advisable not to exceed a charge current rate that will charge the battery in under 2 hours.

     Now that you've got the knowledge, go buy your charger!

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