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    How to choose your motorcycle battery charger

    When choosing a motorcycle battery charger, there are a few things to keep in mind.

    Here are some useful tips to help you make your selection.

    1. The load's voltage must be the same as your battery's voltage.Therefore, if you have a 12V battery, you need a 12V charger. Choosing a charger with a different voltage could damage your battery. Some 12V smart chargers will be designed to charge 6V batteries also. Please look at the product's description and/or technical sheet to verifiy whether this is the case before making your purchase.

    2. The charging time of your motorcycle battery is equal to the battery capacity quoted in Ah divided by the charger's current charge (A). For example, if you have a 12V 24Ah battery and a 12V 6A charger, your battery will be charged in 4 hours (24 / 6 = 4). When choosing a motorcycle battery charger, it is advisable not to exceed a charge current rate that will charge the battery in under 2 hours.

    3. If you are not using your motorcycle on a regular basis, it is a good idea to have a charger handy to keep it in working condition. If the motorcycle is only used occasionally, it is advisable to disconnect the battery from the motorcycle and connect it to the charger on a trickle charge/maintenance charge mode until it is needed. In situations like these, a "smart charger" would be the best option as they come with several modes including trickle/maintenance charging. Please note that if the battery remains unused for an extended period of time and is not charged, it will become deeply discharged and potentially permanently damaged.

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