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    Lithium-ion charger

    We offer a full range of lithium - ion chargers to meet your requirements.
    These chargers are used for common applications as well as professional and medical applications, measuring instruments and remote controls. Lithium-ion chargers have an excellent capacity to volume ratio and both stable and reliable performances between -30 and +70°C. Some of them are adapted to our lithium ion battery selection.
    Select the lithium charger you need below and receive it within 2 days.

    How to choose your charger ?
    - Find out the number of cells to charge (1 Lithium-ion cell is equivalent to 3.7V, 2 cells are equivalent to 7.2V ...).
    - The charge current cannot be more than 1C (one times the battery capacity) subject to protection circuitry.
    - The charge of a lithium battery requires specialist battery chargers. For a fully discharged battery, the time necessary to have 80% of the charge of your battery is calculated by dividing the battery capacity by the charger's current charge. For example, if you have a 4 cell battery (14.8V) 2.2A and a 2A charger, your battery will be 80% loaded within about 1 hour (2.2 / 2 = 1.1). In any case, the last 20% need 2 to 3 hour of supplementary charge to reach 100% of the capacity.
    * The lithium-ion polymer technology (LIPo) needs specific chargers.

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