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    Induction charger

    Induction chargers provide a simple and efficient alternative to regular chargers. Choose the right induction charger for your mobile phone by selecting your make and model below. Shop now.

    Induction chargers: providing wireless charging for your mobile phone

    Using a wireless charger makes charging your mobile phone super simple hassle free. You simply place your mobile phone on the wireless charging pad and it charges without having to be connected to the charger via a charging cable. Grab yours now! It's the way forward!

    Quick convenient charging!

    Make the most of your time
    Most of the time, your phone is left lying on a desk or a table somewhere without being used. Now you can make the most of that time and place it on your induction charger.

    Simple and efficient
    Place your mobile phone on the induction charger (installed in your desired location) and your mobile phone will quickly charge up on its own.

    How to choose the right induction charger

    Does your phone have QI technology (wireless energy transmission)?
    We carry 3 types of induction charger with one, two, or three coils. The more coils your charger has, the faster it will charge your phone.

    Your phone is not compatible with inductive charging
    Discover our replacement back cases and ribbon cables which can make your mobile phone compatible with inductive charging.

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